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Hello students, families, and colleagues, my name is Leah Murphey, and welcome to Montgomery Central Middle School! I am so fortunate to be a part of the MCMS family, and proudly have been so since 2016. Prior to moving to Clarksville, I attended Western Kentucky University where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Middle School Education. Middle school is such a crucial time in a student's life. It is my mission to see every one of my students succeed and grow into responsible young men and women. Parents and caregivers, I invite you to be as involved as you wish with our classroom. You can contact me anytime with any questions, concerns, or comments. Thank you in advance for the support you provide both in and out of the classroom!
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  • Please be checking PowerSchool with your student at least once or twice a week.

    Please do not take their word that they have nothing to work on at home. Grades for current assignments are updated weekly. 

  • If your student makes less than a 50 on any given assignment, they are provided a relearning opportunity (RLO).

    To see the details for the RLO, please click “View” to the right of the screen for the assignment they made less than a 50 on.
  • Missing/incomplete digital assignments and RLOs, once completed, require students to complete the Google Form. It is located in Google Classroom at the top of the Classwork section. A copy is sent to their CMCSS student email. If they are unsure if they have made up a missing/incomplete assignment or completed an RLO, please help them check their email for a copy of the Google Form. These forms will be used to update grades as time allows throughout the nine weeks.

Any paper handouts can be found in the bin on the front table of the classroom, and can be returned to the class tray. No Google Form is necessary.  

  • It may also help to discuss with your student how they spend their Central Time/Homeroom. This is thirty minutes each day that students can use as a study hall. During this time, they can receive aid from their peers, HR teacher, or come to the teacher whose subject they are struggling in.
  • Additionally, I would encourage the utilization of the school’s after school program. There they can work on getting caught up with the assistance of the teachers that run the program. There is a form in the front office if you are interested.

Thank you in advance for:

  • following district dress code. 
  • keeping your cell phone and airpods put away. 
  • coming prepared with pencil, earbuds, S.S. folder, and handouts/papers. 
  • arriving to class on time. 
  • using the bathroom between class changes. 
  • keeping your mouth closed if you have nothing kind or productive to say. 
  • keeping our classroom safe by remaining in your seat, treating others and their belongings with respect, and using your materials appropriately. 
  • growing through what you go through / being willing to learn from challenges and experiences. 
  • choosing joy!