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Welcome to my 7th Grade Math class! I am excited to be an Indian this year. I have worked in CMCSS for fourteen years now. I have been a parent volunteer, substitute teacher, an Educational Assistant at RES and CHES, and a Fellowship Teacher at KMS in 6th grade math. I have three children who have all gone to MCMS. My youngest will graduate this year from MCHS. I enjoy many different things such as hiking, photography, and drawing. My favorite places to be are in the mountains and on the beaches. I hope that this year will be an exciting and enriching year for us all.
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April 14th - I hope that everyone is well. There are new learning resources up online at Probability is covered for this week. This is the unit we would have started if we had not gotten out of school. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I would appreciate it if each of my math classes could go to Google Classroom and answer the question that is posted there. I have been ask to host a Zoom meeting. If there is enough interest, I will host one for each class. Thanks!

April 7th - I hope that everyone is well. CMCSS has learning resources up online so that students may continue having learning opportunities during this time. If you have any questions about any of the math, please feel free to email me at and I will try my best to help.  The link to the website is

Homeroom students - Every Monday and Tuesday, I will be reaching out to each of you with a phone call. These phone calls are for me to make sure you are ok and if there is anything that I can help you with while you are out of school. Starting next week, with your guardian's permission, I am going to set up a Zoom meeting so you all can "get together". I will have more information on this on our homeroom's Google Classroom. If you have any questions, please email me. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Take care of yourselves.

March 30th - Hi there! I hope that you all are taking the time to take care of  yourselves.  It seems like it has been forever since I have seen you all. I am going to update Google Classroom with more links. If you would like, you may work on this new links or any that are in the classroom. Please try to not forget all that you have been taught this school year.  Hopefully, we will be able to go back to school in May. Till then, take care and know that you are missed.

March 17th- In order not to forget how to do all that we have done this year, I have added links into Google Classroom that you may want to work on. Pick any IXL link that you have struggled with this year and see if you can improve on that area. I will be adding to the Google Classroom every few days. If you have any questions, please email me at and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. I hope to see you all soon.

MArch 10th - homework for tonight is to complete questions #2, 3, 8 on Volume of Rectangular Prism and questions #4 and 5 on Volume of Triangular Prism.

Our unit test over circles, surface area, and volume will be on 3/12/20. The students will be completing a study guide tomorrow to study for the test.

March 4th- The homework for tonight is the "Finding Area of Plane Figures".  You are to find the area of the square, parallelogram, trapezoid, and triangle. Remember that tomorrow is the last day to turn in any missing assignments.

March 3rd - I wanted to do an update on the amount of missing assignments. As of today, there are 644 missing assignments. The end of the nine weeks is March 6th. I need all assignments in by this Thursday, March 5th.

Feb 20th - Thank you, our total went down some to 554 missing assignments. Don't let there be an increase tomorrow by not turning in tonight's homework, "Triangle Inequality Theorem".  Students were given their study guide today for Tuesday's test. They were told that I will only be giving out one study guide per student and that it is their responsibility to keep up with it. The study guide will be turned in on Tuesday, but they are to bring it to class every day since we will be going over many of the problems in class. Every problem must have work shown since I am giving all the answers to the study guide.

Feb 19th - Today our total number of missing assignment is 561.You will be receiving a study guide tomorrow for next Tuesday's test. I will only give one study guide per person. Please make sure to keep up with it. It will be turned in the day of the test for a grade. We will be doing much of it in class as a Bell Ringer. This means, you need to bring it everyday to class.

Feb 18th - I have many students that are failing my math class because of missing assignments. I am now up to 534 missing assignments. The end of this nine weeks will be here before you know it. Please help me and yourself by getting those assignments in as quick as possible! Homework for tonight is to complete the "Missing Angle" assignment. You are to find what angle degree is missing.

Feb 16th - MISSING ASSIGNMENTS - As of right now, I have over 520 missing assignments for all of my 7th grade math classes. This is an extremely high number! If you are missing any assignments, please make sure to get them in as soon as possible. You do not need to come see me since all assignments are linked in Power School. There is no need to even make a copy of the assignment. Just write down the assignment title and do the work on a sheet of notebook paper. Also remember, even if you are absent, you are still responsible for getting the assignment in. 

Feb 11th - Tonight's homework is to complete all of the questions on the handout, "Angles Homework".

Feb 10th - Tonight's homework is to complete questions #1-8 on the handout, "Angle Pair Relationships."

There are already links up in Google Classroom to practice on angles.

Feb 4th- We will be taking out test tomorrow, Feb 5th. I put it off an extra day to make sure I could go over most of the study guide. All study guides are due tomorrow. As stated in class, in order to receive credit, every problem has to have work shown since all answers are in Google Classroom.

Feb 3rd - Your unit test on percentages will be tomorrow, Feb 4th. Make sure to finish the study guide which can be found in Google Classroom for your homework. All questions must show work in order to receive credit. Also in Google Classroom, there are links to many resources to help you study for this test. 

Jan 29th - Homework for tonight is to do questions #4, 5, 8 under Write Expressions. Under Use Expressions, do question #2.

Jan 27th- Homework tonight is to complete the hand out, "Percent of Change." To find percent of change, you follow the steps.

Step 1 - find the difference  ( starting value- new value) making sure to take the absolute value 

Step 2 - set up the ratio:   difference/starting value (divide the difference by the starting value)

Step 3 - change the decimal you get to a percent (multiply by 100 and put your percentage sign)


Jan 13th and 14th - Your CUA #7 will be these days. Please make sure to do the links in Google Classroom to help you prepare for the test.

Dec 16th- Your test is tomorrow. I have listed many different links for practice in Google Classroom. Pick the ones that you struggle the most with and work on those.

Remember, MCMS is collecting food for their annual Food Drive through Dec 18th. We appreciate all that you do for our school and for our community!

Dec 15th - An extra credit opportunity is listed in Google Classroom. This project is due no later than Thursday, Dec. 19th. Our test will be on Tuesday, Dec 17th.

Dec  10th- Starting Monday, Dec. 9, through Central Time, FCA will be collecting items for the Loaves and Fishes Jingle Bell Food Drive.  Loaves and Fishes provides meals seven days a week for individual and families. Your teacher will have a food drive wish list but any canned or boxed food item would be appreciated.  The Central Time from each grade level who collects the most items will be awarded a day in the gym during Central Time.  This drive will last from Dec. 9 – 18.

Also, The Junior Civitan is having a Toy and Coat Drive. They are collecting toys, coats, winter hats, gloves, scarves, and socks until Dec 13th. 

Dec 9th - Homework for tonight is to complete the 5 problems on the Graphs of Proportional Relationship handout.

Dec 3rd - Homework for tonight is to do problems #2, 3, 5, 6 on the handout title," Proportional and Non-Proportional Relationships from a Table."

Dec 2nd - Tonight's homework is to complete slide #6 and #7 for the Salt Water Math Task which is in Google Classroom.

Nov 25th - Our CUA #5  is on Nov. 25th. Make sure to go to Google Classroom to help you study for the upcoming test. There will be no redoes on this test.

Nov 19th - The student has a unit rate handout to complete for homework. The student is to show both the rate and unit rate for problems #21, 23, 25, 27, and 29.

Nov 18th- Homework for tonight is the "Find the Ratios" worksheet. You are to find the ratio and to simplify the ratio if needed.

Nov 4th- Our test will be this Wednesday on one and two-step inequalities and equations. The test will focus mainly on word problems. There are several links in Google Classroom to help you prepare for the test. Also, make sure that you bring your Study Guide to class each and every day. We will be reviewing tomorrow for the test. 

Oct 30th - Homework for tonight is to complete the 5 problems on Distributive Property. Each student was given a study guide for the next common assessment, which will be on Nov. 5th. Since we are doing this study guide in class for the Bell Ringer, students were told to bring it to class everyday.

Oct 24th - Do problems #6 and #7 on your word problem worksheet for homework.

Oct 21st - Homework for tonight is the "2-Step Equation" worksheet. The circled problems are the ones for homework. All work must be shown in order to receive credit. 

Oct 7th - Homework for tonight is to continue working on Study Guide, showing work, and to study for the upcoming test. 

All missing assignments must be turned in by Thursday, October 10th. The end of this nine weeks is 10/11. Do not wait till Thursday to ask for the work.

REMINDER - Our 2nd Common Unit Assessment will be on October 10th. There are several links in Google Classroom that you may work on if you are having any problems. Also remember, if your teacher allows, you may come see me during Central Time if you have a question. Finally, every Thursday, I take the students that sign up back to my room during lunch to work on any math that they are struggling with at the time. Please use all of your resources. You got this!

Oct 7-11 th - SPIRIT WEEK

Sponsored by FCA

Monday America Monday – dress in red, white, blue or American Flag

Tuesday Tennessee Tuesday – dress to represent the state of TN (Titans, Vols, Vandy, Gatlinburg, Predators, etc.)

WednesdayWestern Wednesday – dress as a cowboy or cowgirl

ThursdayCountry vs Classy – dress in camo or dressy attire

*All days must follow dress code, hats may be worn if used with your attire for the day*


Friday Color Wars

                      8th grade – Red

                      7th grade – Blue

                      6th grade – White

$1 – all week participation and wristband

  Wristbands will be sold in the cafeteria 7:00-7:15 on the following days:

Thursday, Oct 3, Friday, Oct 4, Monday, Oct 7

Oct 4th - The Study Guide for the upcoming test was handed out today in class. We are going over a few of the problems every day up until the day before the test. Students were instructed that they may work on these study guides at home, but to bring them to class everyday. The study guide will be due on October 9th, with work shown for every problem.

-->****Any student who brings in the study guide, with work shown for ALL problems and their guardian's signature, will receive 5 extra credit points. ****<--

Oct 1st - Homework for tonight is to solve, graph, and check problems #1, 4, 7, 10, and 13 on the assignment labeled, "Solving One Step Inequalities".  If you are having troubles, go to Google Classroom and click on the IXL links. 

Sept 30th - Homework for tonight is the  "Write and Graph Basic Inequalities" sheet.

Sept 26th - Bingo HW sheet - The students are to solve and check with substitution 4 of the problems on the sheet to make a Bingo.

Sept 24th - Homework for tonight is to solve problems #4-12 on the handout titled, "Solving One-Step Equations."

REMINDER - The Unit 2 Common Unit Assessment will be on Sept. 19th. Make sure that you use your resources that you have been given. There are many IXL links and videos in Google Classroom to help you succeed on this test. I am available most mornings in Central Time if you need help with anything we are doing. You got this!

Sept 17th - Study Guide is due tomorrow, Aug. 18th. Remember, each and every problem should show work.

Sept 13th - Students were given their study guide for their Unit 2 Assessment which will be on Sept. 19th. Every problem on the study guide is to be completed with work shown. The study guide will be due on Sept. 18th. This will be their only homework assignment for the week.

Sept 12th - Homework is on the addition of fraction. The students were told to fold the sheet in half, where there will be a left and right side. They are to pick from each row (both the left and right side) one problem to solve for a total of 8 problems.

Sept 10th - Homework tonight is to solve 2 subtraction problems and 3 addition problems on the fraction worksheet. I apologize that the handout is small. You can  copy and paste the following link to see a better picture of the handout. 

REMINDER - Tomorrow, the 10th, I will be checking notebooks for a grade. If you are missing notes, the notebook link can be found in Google Classroom.

Sept 9th - Please go back over all of the IXL links and videos listed in our Google Classroom. Our next unit test will cover all operations of rational numbers, fractions and decimals. The test will also include integers as well. You will receive a study guide towards the end of this week.

Sept 4th - Our Common Unit Assessment on Unit One will be on Sept 4th. There are several IXL links that I have bookmarked for you to practice the skills needed for the test. I also have videos that are linked to our Google Classroom. Watch those videos and practice the problems. Remember, you are very capable of performing well on this test.

Sept 3 - Homework for tonight is to finish the study guide that we started in class today. The correct answers to all problems were given in class. You are to show the work on how to get those answers. Remember, showing your work may include underlining key words, showing and solving equations, or modeling with number lines or counters.

August 30th - the assignment in Google Classroom titled," IXL Multiplication Rules" , is due. Turn in for a grade by the end of the day on Friday, August 30th. You MUST DO at least 25 PROBLEMS. Your smart score will be your grade.

August 29th - Homework for tonight is to solve the 12 division problems and write the multiplication equation you would use to check your answers.

August 27th - Homework for tonight is to write 3 multiplication word problems and solve. You do not have to model your equations.

August 26th - Homework for tonight is to pick five problems from the Addition Word Problem sheet and solve using a NUMBER LINE or COUNTERS.



  • You are expected to be prepared for class. Please bring paper, pencils, and your math composition notebook to class each and every day.
  • You are expected to treat others and yourself with respect.
  • Do not disturb the school learning.